Look Good to Feel Good

The American Cancer Society provides a health tip to patients with terminal illnesses - take the time each day for personal care because research shows when you look good, you feel better.  I think we all have probably always known this as everyone feels a little better when they are dressed up and ready to head out to a party.

Doctors usually urge seniors to stay active and engaged each day and this is a reminder to Caregivers to make sure to assist loved ones and clients to shower daily, dress in clean clothes, put on makeup and style their hair.

It is also essential for seniors to get some form of exercise each day, as long as thier doctor approves.  If able, a special treat of a massage, manicure and pedicure also does wonders to make a person feel better.

Caregivers can even arrange for these services to be performed in the home if a senior is unable to go out.  Call your local salon or massage spa and ask for referrals to massage therapists and cosmetologists who visit the home - many do.

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  • AMEN to this!  A 97 year old lady I call on weekly is always dressed and well groomed.  She lives in an apartment which is attached to a nursing home facility and they offer exercise classes every morning, which she participates in.  One of my Aunts, on the other hand, would still be in her housecoat at 3 in the afternoon and was usually depressed. Unfortunately she died last June.  Maintaining a schedule for daily hygeine is extremely important to both physical and mental well being.

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