Nursing Aide Test Questions

What skills are taught to nursing aides and what questions are asked on the state exam for certification?

You can find out by taking Caregiverlist's free sample nursing aide test

Caregivers who are not certified can quickly learn about the skills taught in certification training programs, which can be part-time or full-time and cost frmo $500 to $2,000.  Because of the need for certified nursing aides and certified home health aides, many schools offer special programs with tuition assistance and scholarships.  Take our sample test and find a school near year if you are interested in obtaining more nursing aide skills.

And, if you take the sample nursing aide test, you'll know about normal respirations, ambulation, proper bathing techniques and more - all skills needed for certification as a nursing aide.


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  • Lily Rose

    9/22/2009 8:05:38 PM | Reply

    The school directory is so handy.  While looking through the web for schools, this is the first web-site that I found with such extensive directory.


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