Nursing Aide Test Questions

Interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Aide, Certified Home Health Aide or Personal Care Assistant?  All states in the U.S.A. provide certification for nursing aides and some states provide additional job categories and certification for caregivers who will be working in homes instead of in nursing homes, hospitals or assisted living communities and these caregivers can be certified as Home Health Aides or Personal Care Assistants.

Certification usually required completing a classroom program along with clinical field work in a job setting at a hospital or nursing home.  Then the caregiver must pass the state's certification exam and follow other requirements to remain certified (pass background check and maintain proper immunizations).

What are some questions you may be asked on a certification exam?

  • What temperature should the water be for a bath?
  • What are normal respirations?
  • How does a colostomy work?
  • What information should you share with your supervisor?

You may take a free sample nursing aide test on Caregiverlist or a complete practice nursing aide test and refresh or improve your caregiving skills.  You may also apply for a caregiving position in your area and work part-time or as a companion caregiver while obtaining nursing aide certification.



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