No Unemployment in Caregiving as Senior Population Increases

As the U.S. begins to climb out of the recent recession, unemployment remains high, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting unemployment higher in July, 2009, than a year earlier in all major metropolitan markets, at 9.7%.

However, the government reports that the healthcare field is still "hot" (yes, the government really stated this in a news release), with jobs in this category including positions at hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, physician and dentist offices and ambulatory care services, including non-medical home care.

As the population continues to age and live longer with advances in medical care, the need for senior caregivers will continue to grow.

Anyone with a caring personality and a willingness to learn about interacting with seniors who are challenged by age-related diseases, including memory loss, can seek a companion caregiving position.  In addition, caregivers can become certified as nursing aides or home health aides in their state and receive additional pay while being considered for even more available caregiving positions.  Hospitals and nursing homes must maintain a minimum number of certified staff to meet department of health guidelines.

You may learn about becoming certified as a nursing aide or home health aide and take a sample nursing aide test on Caregiverlist and apply for a senior caregiving job in your area.



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