Senior Caregiver Pay: San Francisco Minimum Wage to Top $10.00

Senior caregivers provide emotional support and care along with assisting with a senior's physical care needs.  Because of this, caregiving can take a toll.  Some seniors experience memory loss and personality changes and can be difficult to care for while other seniors are just plain grumpy and unhappy with all that comes with the aging process.  For these seniors, there is really no amount of money that will adequately pay someone to care for them and senior home care agencies can tell you about clients who they must constantly restaff a new caregiver because of the difficulty of the senior's care needs and emotional state.

San Francisco caregivers will now enjoy a higher pay rate, as the city has passed an increase in minimum wage, which will be $10.24 beginning January 1, 2012, a 32 cent increase, from $9.92.

Beyond the pay rate for senior caregivers, working as a caregiver brings the fulfillment of helping a senior and their family, which gives senior caregivers a sense of purpose.  And guess what?  Having a sense of purpose delivers happiness.  According to research on the science of happiness, individuals with a sense of purpose in their lives are happier than anyone else.  This includes rock stars and celebrities who enjoy their "high" moments but sometimes are unable to sustain the glory of the highs into an ongoing sense of fulfillment........which leads to drug abuse and alcholism as ways to find the high, again and again.  Senior caregivers experience the happiness of being appreciated for their work on a daily basis when they are working for a professional care company and fully trained and supported in their work.

Professional senior caregivers usually are attracted to the profession because they have experienced the benefits of providing care personally and are looking for a fulfilling career which also pays the bills.

Learn more about working as a senior caregiver and find training programs and apply for a job in your area to find happiness daily, while paying the bills!

Senior caregiving positions usually pay more than minimum wage and you can learn about the minimum wage in each state along with other senior care information in Caregiverlist's "By State" section.



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