Medicare Payments for Nursing Home Care

Medicare benefits, for seniors who are 65 or older, only pay for short-term nursing home stays upon approval by a medical doctor that the nursing home care is required for recovery from a major medical condition.  Benefits pay for care for the first 20 days and a portion of care up to 100 days.  Medicare usually will approve nursing home stays after a hospital stay.

Seniors who have a very low-income and nearly no assets (usually $2,000 or less) will qualify for Medicaid which does pay for long-term care in a nursing home which accepts Medicaid payments.  Their is a provision to prevent spousal poverty which allows a spouse to keep the home and some assets while the other spouse may run out of private funds and go onto Medicaid to pay for the nursing home care.

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  • Daybreakventure

    3/3/2011 9:40:52 PM | Reply

    Great information about medicare.Medicaid is the federal program, administered individually by each state, that provides medical benefits for seniors and others with low-income and few assets.Medicare will pay some nursing home costs for Medicare beneficiaries who require skilled nursing or rehabilitation services.Thanks for share !">Medicare Nursing Home Country Club


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