Meals on Wheels for Thanksgiving

Senior caregivers know that holidays can bring added stress for seniors.  More than half of Americans no longer live in the same city or town where they grew up.  This means that more than half of seniors no longer live near their children.

Cooking a Thanksgiving meal can be challenging for seniors who have age-related illnesses or memory loss.  But the holidays also bring many happy memories and offer an opportunity for seniors and senior caregivers to share memories with each other.

Meals on Wheels assists many seniors in the U.S.A. by delivering meals each day and also providing the added benefit of having someone who is checking in on them regularly.  The Meals on Wheels Association of America works with local community nutrition programs and with the local Area Agency on Aging.  

Many Meals on Wheels programs only require seniors to pay for the meals if they can do so and the fee is usually only around $2.00 for a complete nutritious meal.  Fundraisers allow the meal delivery program to make meals available to all seniors.

Thanksgiving presents an opportunity for volunteers to assist Meals on Wheels to deliver a dinner while also finding fulfillment that is delivered when you help others - - the gratitude of the season.

Find a Meals on Wheels program in your area if you know a senior who would appreciate a Thanksgiving dinner delivery or if you are looking for a way  to give of your time.  Find a meal delivery service for a local senior through your Area Agency on Aging.

Houston’s Interfaith Ministries is seeking volunteers to deliver meals on Thanksgiving morning starting at 10 a.m. and Meals on Wheels in Austin, Texas, is also seeking volunteers along with the Twin Cities in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Volunteer Match is one way to easily find volunteer opportunities - remember, the Science of Happiness says a “sense of purpose” delivers the most sustaining happiness and delivering meals to seniors on Thanksgiving delivers the joy right back to you.

Senior care companies are constantly hiring senior caregivers - both Certified Nursing Aides and Companion Caregivers (many times seniors with memory loss only require a trained Companion Caregiver).  If you may be interested in a fulfilling career as a senior caregiver, apply for a caregiving position on Caregiverlist, as senior care companies nationwide hire from “the Caregiverlist”.

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