Longevity: Study Shows it Runs in Familes

A new study indicates that if your parents lived to be 100, chances are, you will too.  The November issue of the Journal of American Geriatrics Society reports the study results showing senior centenarian offspring retain important cardiovascular advantages from their parents compared to a similarly-aged group.

The findings show that the children of centenarian seniors have a 78 percent lower risk for heart attacks, 83 percent lower likelihood of stroke and an 86 percent lower risk of developing diabetes mellitus.

Additionally, the study found that children of centenarians who were followed in the study were 81 percent less likely to die than the reference group of similarly-aged patients during the follow-up period.

The survival rate is evidence that longevity runs in families, and the results reinforce the notion that there may be physiological and genetic reasons that longevity runs in families.  The authors claim the study is the first to assess the health of centenarian offspring over time and could be important for future research, as the subjects may be used as a model of healthy aging.

Aging well should be the goal for all who will live a long life.  Reserach shows that proper diet, exercise and socializaton are the keys to healthy aging, and ,according to this study, good genes are a plus!  Off to the gym.....(My Grandmothers lived to be 100 and 101 and Mom and Dad are still going strong).


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  • Katie Deming

    11/24/2008 1:33:35 AM | Reply

    I have also heard that everyone is living longer now, but you are right, it really comes down to quality of life - who wants to live to be 100 if we aren't healthy?


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