Keep Healthy Living Goals Using Nutrition App

There's a saying that the hardest part of working out is tying your shoes. Getting into an exercise routine requires motivation to persist until it becomes a habit, as does healthy eating. The Lifesum app enables caregivers to set realistic healthily living goals and see them through. 

When caregivers first download the app, they need to create a profile with specific details about their current health, such as height, weight and age. Then, the app determines what type of plan they would like to create: be healthier, lose weight or gain weight (build muscle strength). Based on these selections, the app determines how many calories the user should consume in a day. 

This app further breaks down calorie recommendations per day by recommended number of carbs, amount of protein and amount of fat. Additionally, suggests about how many calories the caregiver should consume for each meal to balance throughout the day. A water tracker at the bottom allows users to tap a glass icon each time they drink 8 oz of water to record it. The app offers rotating tips about how much water to drink, such as drinking some prior to meals to prevent overeating and ensuring rehydration after exercise. 

Caregivers also have the option to search for and record the type and amount of exercise they complete. Everything from sit-ups and weight lifting to zumba and yoga are available in the search, with estimated calories burned based on how long users exercise. Caregivers can fit exercise into their day before or after work, and it can be as simple as going for a quick 20 minute walk. The calories burned are factored into the daily calorie allowance, meaning in exchange for a 30 minute run, caregivers might be able to eat a little more that day. 

The paid version of the app offers additional features, such as meal recommendations and food ratings meant to educate the user and provide suggestions for healthier eating. When users first download the free version of the app, the meal recommendations are available on a trial basis. They consist of recipes suggested for breakfast, lunch or dinner with nutrition information upfront to make informed decisions. Should users decide they like this feature, the paid subscription is available starting at $3.91 per month. 

The Lifesum app is available for Apple and Android platforms. 

Senior caregivers, let us know your feedback on this app and keep us posted if you discovers additional apps that assist with caregiving duties and help relieve caregiver stress. You may also refer-a-friend to a senior caregiving job and win prizes weekly and monthly on Caregiverlist. 

-Paige Krzysko

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