FREE Webinar: Incontinence Care Training

Caregiving involves many duties, including caring for incontinence.  A medical doctor told me once that any woman who has given birth can expect to have some issues with, well, leakage, at some point.  As he said, the muscles have a lot going on down there and they eventually experience aging just like the rest of our body.


Providing effective care includes knowing how to talk about and manage incontinence issues.


Join incontinence expert Michelle Mongillo, RN, MSN, for a free webinar to understand how to care for this issue:  The Best Practices: Incontinence Care Webinar


Date:  October 5th, 2011


Time:  2:30 p.m. Eastern time.


What attendees to this complimentary webinar will learn:

  • Techniques for managing incontinence at home
  • Navigating the options to find what works for your family
  • How to reduce the frequency of incontinence episodes  
  • How you can get a better night’s sleep
  • Tips for dealing with incontinence and dementia 

Sign-up and learn how to be a qualified caregiver for incontinent seniors (and know what to expect for yourself as you age)!

Professional caregivers may also find a 10-hour online training course for senior caregivers, to become a certified caregiver.


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