How to Transfer your C.N.A. License to a Different State

Transfering your C.N.A. License to another state?  Yes, each state requires their own certificate and perhaps technology will soon allow each state’s Department of Health to make transferring a C.N.A. license seamless, but until then, here is how it works (just scroll down and click to Caregiverlist's C.N.A. License Transfer Guidelines page if you are already sure your next step is to transfer your nursing aide certificate).

Certified Nursing Aides (or Nursing Assistants) become a C.N.A. by taking a state-approved training program and then passing the state Certified Nursing Aide exam.  The basic training skills required to become a C.N.A. are similar in each state of the U.S.A. but you still must meet the specific certification guidelines to have your certificate honored when you move to another state.

Transferring a C.N.A. certificate is even more relevant if you live in a metropolitan area that is on a state border such as the Chicago, Illinois (right next door to Wisconsin and Indiana – get married or your spouse gets a new job and you just might find yourself in another state).

New Jersey C.N.A.’s and New York C.N.A.’s also bump into Connecticut and then you have Kansas City, Missouri right next to Kansas City, Kansas.  Not to mention Philadelphia, Pennsylvania next to Cherry Hill New Jersey. And what about Minneapolis, Minnesota just across the river from Wisconsin and Louisville, Kentucky right next to Ohio..........definitely transfering a C.N.A. certificate from one state to another will happen for many C.N.A.'s in the U.S.A.

C.N.A. certificates do transfer from one state to the next but you must follow certain guidelines.  Caregiverlist has received so many questions about “how do I transfer my C.N.A. license to another state?” that we went the extra mile and did the research for you.

Need to transfer your C.N.A. certificate?

Just follow Caregiverlist’s C.N.A. License Transfer Steps

Remember, some states offer reciprocity and this means you will not need to take the C.N.A. exam over again in your new state.

If you do need to re-take the C.N.A. exam, you may take the Caregiverlist Sample C.N.A. test or the actual Practice C.N.A. test.  As you do want to make sure you’ll ace the C.N.A. test in your new state – just take the time to do a quick practice nursing aide exam to be sure.

Once you are ready to start working as a C.N.A., you may apply for a job on Caregiverlist, the nation’s only professional Caregiver Career Center, where thousands of C.N.A.’s find jobs with senior home care agencies, nursing homes, Assisted Living companies and Hospices who hire C.N.A.’s and caregivers weekly.

Remember, you can also work as a professional caregiver while you are working on transferring your C.N.A. license to the new state.

C.N.A. jobs will continue to grow as the nation’s seniors live longer while needing assistance with care needs.

Fill out the Caregiver Job Application on Caregiverlist to be considered for a local Caregiver or C.N.A. job in your area.


C.N.A. resumes are also an added benefit when applying for a new C.N.A. position – just use the Caregiverlist Resume builder (free) to update your information before applying to a job.


Congratulations to everyone working as a C.N.A. – you are on the front-lines of senior care and doing the toughest job!  We are grateful to you for the hard work you do.


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  • Rick

    11/21/2012 8:36:59 PM | Reply

    This is awesome, been trying to figure out how to transfer my Wisconsin to Florida certification for a few months now.  Thanks!


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