Helen Gurley Brown Tribute: Living in Style until the End

Helen Gurley Brown passed away on Monday night, at the age of 90 and was known as the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and a leader in the movement for the fun, fearless female.  She was also a senior who kept on living life and kept on working as she aged, setting example for all of us.

I met her once.  On a business trip to New York City a girlfriend was also there on business, as she sold advertising for a magazine, and asked me if I wanted to attend the premiere of a movie called the "Gladiator".  I sort of didn't want to see the movie but it was free and at the Ziegfeld Theatre and so I thought I might as well go.  The movie turned out to be good.  And then after the movie everyone walked to the back to mingle and there was Russell Crowe, but he wasn't famous then, and then I met Helen Gurley Brown.  She must have been pushing 80 and she had on a mini-skirt and high heels and I thought to myself, yes, it will be just fine to grow older because you can keep on dressing fashionable and going out.  A chic older lady - so nice to see!

A profile of her by a friend, in the New York Times, highlights her style and how she turned her publishing office into her own "assisted living" residence, as she showed up for work in her 80's.  She was a career woman who paved the way for women to build a career along with a life.  She will be missed.





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