Healthy Aging Steps for Seniors and Caregivers

Growing older brings the gift of a long life along with the challenges of aging.  How do we navigate the waters of life as a senior?  Americans are living longer and longer with life expectancy of a new born today being 100 years old.  As we have knowledge of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we do not necessarily implement those steps.

However, if we are going to live long, we might as well live well.

Step 1:  Maintain a healthy body weight:  68% of Americans are overweight.   This means whatever your current age, you should try your best not to be overweight.  There are many tools out there and Weight Watcher's says they have more clients online than offline.  The internet makes it easier than ever to access tools to help you stay healthy.

Step 2:  Stay physically fit.  Exercise and enjoy doing it.  Go for a morning walk with a friend, take up tennis or golf or softball (my girlfriend's father retired to Florida and is having a ball playing softball on 4 different teams).

Step 3:  Exercise your brain.  Read the newspaper (before they become extinct) and do the crossword puzzle, play Scrabble or brige or poker.  Take up knitting or take a class at a local community college.  Do something to keep your mind thinking everyday.

Step 4:  Stay connected and involved.  Sustaining happiness happens when you feel engaged in an activity with a sense of purpose.  One of the luxuries of retirement is having more time to spend doing the things you love to do.  Share the wisdom you have learned throughout your life by volunteering in your community or participating in family activities or creating your own weekly events with friends.

The Better Memory Kit provides a convenient program for seniors and caregivers and includes flash cards with questions and games which are appropriate for older adults.  Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa developed the kit and includes diet and exercise tools and vitamins which assist with memory improvement.






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