Give Forward: Paying for Senior Care

Paying for senior care can be a challenge for seniors and their family members.  When seniors turn age 65 in the USA, they go onto the government health insurance program called Medicare.  Very low income seniors who have less than $2,000 in assets may qualify for Medicaid instead of Medicare, which provides a few more benefits, such as prescription drug coverage and ongoing care in a nursing home for as long as needed.  Each state regulates the qualifications for Medicaid and you can find the financial qualifications in Caregiverlist's by-state section.

Medicare does NOT pay for long-term care needs in a nursing home nor in the home.  Medicare will cover short-term nursing home stays after a major medical incident and hospitalization - usually up to 100 days only, with a medical doctor's preapproval.

This means a senior and their family members must pay for caregiving needs for those on Medicare insurance.  We should all plan on needing at least 2 years of caregiving services, according to insurance actuaries, as medical technology has enabled Americans to live longer.

Nursing homes cost from $170 to $400 a day, depending on which part of the country you live in and the services provided and may include additional costs for activities, hair cuts and personal care items.  You may research the cost of nursing homes in your area to understand the daily rates and services.  The costs are more for a private room, for instance, than a shared room.

Senior home care agencies provide care services by professional caregivers in the home, actively managed by a Care Manager.  The cost is between $16 and $25 per hour, depending on the level of care needs and which part of the country you live in, as cost of living is higher in cities than rural areas, for instance.  Many seniors prefer to stay in their homes with part-time caregiving services.  You may request rates and service information of senior home care agencies in your area to plan ahead for home care needs.

Give Forward is a website that allows anyone to set-up a profile page and receive donations for their caregiving needs.  Give Forward makes it easy to refer friends and family members to one place to make a contribution.  The fundraising online website has helped raise millions of dollars for children and adults who needed additional money to pay for their medical care.

You may visit Give Forward to make donations or to organize a way for others to donate to a senior or loved one who needs assistance paying for senior care.  Many times medical insurance does not cover all of the health care needs and there are additional travel expenses for visiting speciality hospitals and doctors.  Give Forward provides an efficient solution for others to help out.







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