Geriatric Care Management

What does a Geriatric Care Manager do?

This is a question I am often asked.  My best answer is that a Geriatric Care Manager does everything a terrific and caring Adult Child would do if they had the time.  However, unlike most Adult Children of seniors, the Geriatric Care Manager also has the professional expertise to understand the legal, medical, emotional and financial issues which are involved in senior care and as a non-family member, they can effectively keep all the care services on track.  A good Geriatric Care Manager is worth every penny and will often assist in solving family tensions.

Long-distance Caregivers especially can benefit from a Geriatric Care Manager to advocate for the senior and make sure they are receiving all the necessary care services.

How much does Geriatric Care Management cost?  Anywhere from $100.00 to $150.00 per hour and initial assessments are usually around $500.00 and will include a recommended or suggested Plan of Care.

Although there are not nationally standards in place for Geriatric Care Management licensing, it is usually advisable to have a manager with a background in social work and specialized training in working with or counseling seniors.  Registered Nurses are also often trained to work as Geriatric Care Managers.  Just make sure some credentials are in place and that the Geriatric Care Manager has referrals from other professionals in the community, including medical doctors and estate attorneys. , , ,


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