Long-distance Caregiving

As the media covered the passing of Tim Russert this weekend, there were a few stories about how he coordinated care for his father back in Buffalo, after his Mother had died and "Big Russ" was in failing health.  Tim pulled together an army of friends to stop by at different times and perform assigned tasks.  Tim coordinated everything via his cell phone and also had some paid caregivers helping to fill out all the necessary shifts.

Managing all the care tasks needed for a parent, when you don't live in the same city, can present many challenges.  This can be even more challenging if the senior has memory loss or is resistant to help in anyway.

This is when Care Management can be a huge help and a great relief.  Geriatric Care Managers perform all the tasks a terrific adult child, with all the time in the world, would perform.  And as adult children usually have jobs and obligations for their own children, it becomes impossible to be everywhere at once.  As Care Managers are usually trained as Social Workers or Registered Nurses, they can quickly assess the situation and decide on the best approach for a plan of care.  Some attorneys and therapists have also become trained as Care Managers.

Because families no longer always live in the same city, the Geriatric Care Management industry is growing rapidly and can be a welcome third party to manage care needs.




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  • Jess V.

    6/17/2008 6:02:27 PM | Reply

    Thanks for this information! I will pass it on to my Aunt who lives in Colorado and is having a hard time coordinating care for her aging mother in California. It will be a relief to her to know that there are professionals with experience ready and willing to help figure out all that's needed for her mom at this time. I know she has a hard time being far away, because she doesn't really know what the day to day situation is.


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