Exercises for Seniors and Caregivers

Lack of exercise and poor diet are the second-largest underlying cause of death in the United States.  Smoking is the number one cause.  The good news, both of these are things you can influence by changing your behavior.

The National Institute on Aging provides a free booklet which shows safe exercises for seniors.  The guide includes strength and stretching exercises and instructional diagrams which are easy to follow.  The guide is free - just call the National Institute on Aging at 1-800-222-2225 and ask them to mail you a copy of the exercise guide for seniors.  It includes 80 pages of information on how to improve your strength, endurance and balance and is a helpful tool for caregivers.

One of the suggestions:  time yourself walking up a flight of stairs.  Time yourself again in 1 month - your time should have improved if you have been regularly exercising.  Makes sense!



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