Free Research Studies for Seniors and Caregivers

Seniors and their caregivers may participate in professionally managed research studies to help provide feedback on various medications and care approaches.

Advantages of participating in a research study?
  • Free medical evaluation
  • Free medications (if medications are being studied)
  • Free check-ups with medical doctors, psychologists, social workers and other medical professionals
  • Education about best-practices for your diseases and health conditions
In addition, usually the senior's caregiver may also participate in providing feedback for the study and will receive a free medical physical, which is usually required for most studies.

The medical professionals are usually very experienced in researching specific diseases and health conditions and just having access to these high-quality care practitioners is another benefit of participating in a study.

Remember, every medication we currently take was once part of a drug research study and it only makes sense that more helpful drugs are part of these studies and they just might help with your current medical condition (without the price tag of a pharmacy bill).

Find out about the current research trials needing senior participants at Radiant Research - view the research trials by city and submit your request to participate.  Current studies include Alzheimer's Disease, Osteoarthritis, Heart Disease, Diabetes and more.  You may also find information about caring for various age-related diseases in our Care Briefs.
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