Flu Shots for Senior Caregivers

Flu shots are easily available this year.  As the low supply of the flu vaccination has ended, surprisingly, not everyone is taking advantage of the easy to find flu shot vaccination.

Drug stores are offering the flu shot, around-the-clock at some locations, through the drive-through prescription window at other locations and everywhere from the grocery store to the senior center you can find a flu shot.

Why should caregivers get a flu shot?

  • Seniors and Children are more impacted by a flu virus because of weaker immune systems
  • Stress negatively impacts the immune system (caregiving can be stressful)
  • Sets an example of healthy habits
The fears of the H1N1 virus becoming a pandemic caused much inconvenience last year, with schools closing down, travel plans changed and events canceled.  Now the government has worked to make sure the Center of Disease Control has supplied enough flu vaccines for the population.  Take advantage of this opportunity to avoid a flu that can cause serious illness and even death.

The flu shot sometimes costs nearly $30 but most health insurance plans will cover the vaccination - if your health plan does not, ask your employer if they will cover the cost or google to look for free vaccination programs in your area which are sometimes offered through community non-profits.


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