Nursing Home Costs: Find Daily Rates of Nursing Homes

Nursing home care usually comes as a last choice, when full-service care needs are necessary and when staying in the home is no longer an option because of upkeep and costs.  If a senior runs out of personal finances to pay for caregiving services, they will qualify for Medicaid, for very low-income seniors (assets usually cannot be more than $2,000.  Medicaid will pay for ongoing care in a nursing home that accepts Medicaid as payment.

Some nursing homes will not admit a new resident who is on Medicaid but if they have a private-pay resident who then spends down their assets and qualifies for Medicaid, they will keep them.  This is important to remember as it can allow you to have Medicaid services at perhaps a higher quality nursing home.

Review the daily costs of nursing homes in your area and the most important rating criteria on Caregiverlist, to better plan for your senior care needs and to be prepared for short-notice care needs after a major medical emergency.



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