Employment Background Checks

Background checks performed on caregivers before employment with a professional senior care company are part of the employment process.  As senior caregiving comes with many challenges, only trustworthy individuals who can be depended upon for honesty and commitment to their duties can be hired.  Unfortunately, background checks are also gatekeepers to prevent unsavory characters from applying.  There are experienced criminals who specifically seek out the opportunity to work as a caregiver in order to take advantage of a senior.

Background checks keep these types of individuals away and are another reason why you should only work for a professional senior care company and only hire caregivers working for professional senior care companies.

What information will be shown in a criminal background check?

  • Criminal charges and convictions going back 7 years*
  • Social Security Number to Name Match
  • Addresses to Name Match

This information allows an employer to confirm that the social security number you have provided matches your name to determine that you are who you say you are in your application.  The address match allows the employer to verify the addresses you have lived at previously in order to conduct criminal checks in all of those locations.  Some courthouses charge a fee for a crminal check which is current and they may need to do an in-person check at these courthouses because the national database information cannot be guaranteed as up-to-the-minute current for courthouses who do not submit criminal reports daily.

In today's digital age, it is somewhat easy for bad guys to secure information and falsely represent who they are and even steal social security numbers and backgrounds.  The movie "Catch Me if You Can" shows how one man did this many years ago.  The man in the moview, Frank Abagnale, now works for the FBI and has written a few books, including "Stealing Your Life" which provides tips on how to protect your identity.

Many professionals suggest purchasing your own background check at least once a year to make sure the data is accurate and that nobody else has your information.  Review more information about background checks and purchase your own background check.  Caregiverlist  is an advocate for quality background checks and makes sure you understand the difference in levels of background checks.

*Some state laws allow for criminal background checks for more than 7 years for individuals working with children or seniors.  You may review the "by state" background check laws in Caregiverlist's state directory.



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  • Carol

    6/23/2011 7:32:46 PM | Reply

    Question - Since I have to pay for my agency to do a background check every six months, don't I have a right to receive a copy of the background check?


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