Emergency App Helps Caregivers Save Lives

The SirenGPS phone application helps caregivers during emergencies. SirenGPS is an emergency panic button app available for a caregiver’s smartphone. According to SirenGPS, more than 75% of 911 calls are made from cell phones. Every second is vital during an emergency. A First responder’s responsibility is to help the patient. An emergency panic button will allow them to help them quickly.  

SirenGPS allows caregivers to:

  • Call 911 quickly

  • Add medications and medical conditions

  • Receive community alerts

  • Add emergency contacts

COST:  Free

This mobile emergency panic button is free to use for every caregiver. Caregivers must create a profile when first opening the application. Caregivers can add required medications and medical conditions to make the emergency response more effective.


In case of emergency, caregivers can stay up to date with local notices through the application after completing their profile. During an emergency, the caregiver’s location will be given to the dispatcher, allowing for emergency services to reach the caregiver and patient more quickly. Easy access to emergency services gives caregivers time to use their Caregiver Training to provide first aid during an emergency.

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