C.N.A. Training for Long-term Employment

Senior caregiving positions are available for both companion caregivers and C.N.A.'s (Certified Nursing Aides) and some states provide the additional training and certification exam for C.H.H.A.'s (Certified Home Health Aides). 

By becoming certified, more employment opportunities open up for a senior caregiver.  This is because nursing homes and hospitals must maintain a minimum staffing level of Certified Nursing Aides in proportion to the number of beds occupied.

Many times, long-term care insurance policies require the senior care to be provided by a C.N.A. in order for the policy to cover the care.

Types of Employment Opportunities for C.N.A.'s:

  • Senior Home Care Agencies
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospices
  • Hospitals

Training Required for C.N.A.'s

  • Complete C.N.A. course program offered by colleges and community programs
  • Fulfill course requirements for graduation, including clinical assignments
  • Pass state C.N.A. exam
  • Pass Criminal Background Check

Learn more about the caregiver training provided to C.N.A.s, take a sample nursing aide exam and a practice exam and find C.N.A. schools in your area to decided if this is a certification you would like to pursue.


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  • connie brown

    11/9/2009 9:59:05 PM | Reply

    i would like to get my cartification training i have work with caregiver for ten years.

  • Maxine Moore

    11/10/2009 1:27:38 PM | Reply

    I have been license as a CNA for some years now my license has expire but i still want to do some caregiver work.

  • CNA Training

    11/10/2009 5:26:23 PM | Reply

    As the article points out, becoming certified does give you more opportunities as more people/organisations are willing to employ you. CNA training can take as little as 6 - 12 weeks and is a must-have qualification for those wishing to be involved with healthcare.

  • Caregiver Girl

    11/10/2009 5:46:11 PM | Reply

    CNA and Caregiver training will always make you more marketable in this area of the healthcare field.

  • Ricky Branch

    11/17/2009 9:17:35 PM | Reply

    I will love to find a long-term position with caring for seniors.


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