Chicken Soup for the Soul Seeking Caregiver Stories

Chicken Soup for the Soul, the book series with motivational and heart-warming stories about life, has expanded to offer customized topics for new books.  The book series next will be publishing a Chicken Soup for the Soul for Caregivers and are seeking story submissions.  Possible future books may be titled:  Boost Your Brain Power, Family Caregiver and Home Sweet Home.

Professional and family caregivers for seniors well know the challenges and fulfillment that comes with the job.  Whether you are caring for a senior with an age-related illness such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's Disease or assisting with activities of daily living, the book series is looking for inspiring and supportive stories.  The stories can appeal to both other caregivers, family members and to seniors receiving the caregiving.

The only requirement is that the person receiving care does require constant, on-going caregiving services.

The deadline to submit stories is July 15th.  You may submit your caregiving story for consideration to Chicken Soup for the Caregiver's Soul (not sure if that will be the title when the editors are finished, but it seems like a good one) here.

Caregivers may also learn about caregiver training and job opportunities in their area.

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  • Finally - caregivers have the best stories and they all touch the soul!  Really glad Chicken Soup is doing this.
  • I been a caregiver/cna for 19 years and i know chicken soup is differently good for the soul!!!
  • I think all of the information that is now so widely available for caregivers is absolutely awesome.  I have been taking care of my mom whom suffered a stroke in the year of 2000 since she had her stroke.  She is now on dialysis, and it truly breaks my heart.  She is only 63, but her faith and courage really touch and warm my heart.  I was a companion to an elderly lady with dementia pretty recently for almost a year.  The three of us did a lot of things together and had lots of fun.  My little lady is now in an older folks home as her condition worsened.  But I still go by and pick her up occassionally and take her out, because we built a true bond that will not end.  I love to make people feel good, and bring joy to their day.  I have a unique opportunity before me, and I take it very seriously, and do it with great pride and compassion.  My job is very rewarding and makes me feel good about myself, and the difference I am trying to make in the lives of others.
  • I am a hard-working girl who has been fortunately healthy enough to survive a violent husband who left me in shock. I was confused,  laid off, and  had fled my house in terror.
    Eight years have  passed between his announcement that we would be divorced,  and my new little home.  I have done my best to forgive his Mental Illness.
    In the past year, I gave Safe Haven to 2 people who were in a temporary homeless condition before Social Security help, for Mental and Physical disabilities. Just a few weeks after the 2nd one left, a Wind and Lightening Storm ruined my old roof ! My  Insurance Company insisted I have a Roof over My Head and gave me a new one! I am certain that you can call this Karma or God or Jesus or Halleluia!

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