Chicago Nursing Home Care

Chicago seniors may need to have nursing care after a hospital stay and once a senior has Medicare benefits, they will receive a portion of the nursing home stay covered as a benefit, as long as a medical doctor preapproves the nursing care need.  However, Medicare will only cover a portion of the nursing home costs for up to 100 days after a major medical event.

This is when it becomes important to understand both the costs of care and the quality of the care provided.  Health inspections are conducted of nursing homes almost every year - the inspection must happen once every 15 months but as the inspectors change and some of the criteria can be subjective, these are only a starting point for evaluating a nursing homoe.

Chicago seniors should focus on the criteria that can be most likely to be accurate - Caregiverlist highlights these ratings which include the staffing ratio of C.N.A.'s to patients.  Often the ration is one C.N.A. to every 12 to 15 residents which means it can sometimes be difficult for this one C.N.A. to adequately transfer and assist all residents each morning and evening.  In these instances, families often must hire a private caregiver to come to the nursing home and assist the senior.

Chicago senior care options include:

  • Nursing Home care
  • Assisted Living
  • Senior Home Care (by licensed senior home care agency)

Review the nursing homes in the Chicagoland area along with the daily costs in order to be prepared should rehabilitation care in a nursing home become a need.

Illinois nursing homes range in price from $96 to $408 per day for a private room with a bathroom in the room - nursing homes in smaller cities cost less and the highest rating is 5-stars.

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