Chicago Hospital CEO's Discuss New Healthcare Law

Chicago area hospital CEO's actually are welcoming the new healthcare law - - yes, it is not perfect, they admit, but it is a step in the right direction.  It is refreshing to hear the viewpoints straight from those who provide health care.

Crain's Chicago Business hosted the panel which included Pamela Davis, CEO of Edwards Hospital, Ramanathar Raju, CEO of Cook County Hospital, Sandra Bruce, CEO of Resurrection Health and Jim Skogsbergh, CEO of Advocate.

Some of the issues they all agreed upon:

Medicaid pays far less than the cost of care

Current Course is Unsustainable (people are living longer and Medicare not set-up to handle)

Social Issues and Obesity Impact Higher Care Costs

Unreimbursed Costs are Hindrance (Provena wrote off $124 million in unreimbursed costs last year)

Listen to this panel of hospital CEO's to learn more about the realities of the current healthcare system and why these CEO's are welcoming changes through the new healthcare law, with concerns that everyone may not be covered due to political wrangling.  They predict that hospitals of the future will be more accountable and efficient and integrative.  This means more integration of home care and physician care and accountability for outcomes.

Caregivers for seniors, many times, do not have health insurance under our current system and because many people never have healthcare until they retire and qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, health issues are allowed to escalaate.

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