Caring for Seniors with Alzheimer's Disease

There are several types of dementia.  People are usually most familiar with the form of memory loss called Alzheimer's Disease because it can begin at a younger age (many people develop A.D. in their 50's) and causes emotional challenges for family members because of the "long goodbye".  All seniors will experience some memory loss after the age of 85, but this short-term memory loss does not include forgetting person, place and things, which happens with Alzheimer's Disease.  You may forget what you ate for lunch, but you know your sister is your sister and not your mother, when you are experiencing short-term memory loss, unlike A.D. where you forget who people are, forget where you are and eventually forget to take care of your own activities of daily living.

One of my girlfriends decided to change careers from accounting to nursing after her experience of caring for her mother who developed Alzheimer's Disease at age 55.  She was still in college when her mother's behavior began to change.  At first, people thought her mother was schizophrenic - everyone thought she was too young for Alzheimer's Disease.  Twenty years later, she is living in a nursing home, requiring complete care and does not recognize any of her family members. 

Our caregiving videos assist with ways to care for senior's who are dealing with Alzheimer's Disease.  Learn how to simplify tasks, communicate and create engaging activities as their caregiver.  Caring for a senior with A.D. presents new challenges each day and these videos provide techniques for making the caregiving journey easier.


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