Caregiving Jobs

Even as unemployment in the U.S. continues to be at a high level, senior caregiving jobs are plentiful.

Why do senior care companies continue to hire during the economic downturn?

  • The senior population is growing as the large baby boomer generation ages
  • Medical advances have made it possible for people to live longer
  • Medical advances that keep people alive longer also often require them to need some assistance with daily living
  • Government medical care for seniors only pays for longterm care in a nursing home, not in the home
  • As women have joined the workforce, they are not available to do caregiving for family members
  • As technology has advanced, adult children have found it easier to move away from their hometowns
  • The baby boomer generation has chosen to retire and age differently than their parents
  • Longterm care insurance makes it possible to privately pay for senior caregiving services in the home
  • Reverse mortgages make it possible to privately pay for senior caregiving services in the home

Professional senior care companies provide training, benefits and ongoing support for caregivers.  What types of companies provide caregiving positions?

  • Senior home care agencies (licensed businesses, following professional guidelines established in their state)
  • Assisted living communities
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals (often staff caregivers they call "sitters" as not enough nurses to provide all the needed care)
  • Hospices

Senior caregiving positions are both part-time and full-time and senior home care agencies also staff live-in caregivers who stay with a client for 3 or 4 days at a time, sleeping in the clients home and preparing meals.  Companion caregivers often do not require training beyond personal experience and completion of orientation training witn a senior home care agency.  Certified nursing aides, certified home health aides and personal care assistants complete classes and pass the certification exam in their state before beginning employment.  You may also obtain non-medical caregiver training in an approved online 10-hour caregiver training course.

How much money do senior caregivers earn?  Anywhere from $8.00 to $16.00 per hour, depending on the area of the country (New Yorkers make more than Iowans) and if the job assignment requires a certified caregiver as they are also paid more.  You may apply for a caregiving position in your area and learn about the skills required on Caregiverlist's Career Center.


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  • There is a need to provide a choice for seniors to retire in their own home and not only in nursing homes as government currently supports.  That is one more reason for health care reform.
  • I would be very iterested in joining a new corear like this I feel I do have the knowledge it take and with some training I'll do go.
  • i will have  my licence this november as a caregiver.hope i will be able to use this to care and help elder people with their daily lives. i love to do this thing so much and i will do my best for it.
  • I am seriously thinking of moving to the Missouri area and am interested in doing caregiving there, any suggestions...i have around 5 years experience
  • I think it's and great idea that company's like them continue to hire. because with half of the world being with out jobs. most family's can use the help. and i love what i do and have a very good passion in doing so
  • is there any facility that provides the classes to get certified any more in Indiana? please contact me at  I was certified for 14 years up to about 4 years ago and would love to get re-certified, but don't have the funds

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