Senior Caregiver Training

Senior caregiver training presents many challenges.  Caregivers are often working in a senior's home which makes it difficult to attend training classes without taking a day off from work.  In addition, caregivers need training in a wide variety of skills, from assisting a senior with memory loss to learning nursing assistant skills.

As the saying goes, necessity is the best tool for invention, and many caregivers learned their skills by assisting a loved one with care needs.  Formal caregiver training provides tools for making caregiving easier and more efficient for both the caregiver and the senior.

A leader in training programs for assisted living communities and senior care is aQuire Training Solutions.  They allow caregivers to select specific areas of interest they would like training in.  Need to learn how to safely transfer or lift a senior client you are assisting? Senior caregivers may select only the training they need, and purchase a 10-hour online training course and receive a certificate of completion.

Learn more about these customized senior caregiver training programs and take a practice test.

You may also apply for a senior caregiving position and receive training from a professional caregiving company upon hire.

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  • are there any of these "caregiver training seminars" (like the one being held in Chicago, Illinois this week) here in Michigan?

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