Flu Virus: Use Online Tools to Combat Influenza

Caregivers for seniors have the added challenge of making sure they keep themselves healthy, in addition to monitoring the health of the senior they assist as a caregiver.  During the winter months, illnesses spread more easily and it is important to wash hands regularly and to steer clear of those who are ill.

Influenza, better known as "the flu", is a virus which as many as 20% of the population in the U.S.A. contract each winter.  For seniors, flu can be the extra hardship to their immune system which will trigger hospitalization and even death.  Along with pneumonia, the flu can be a virus the immune system cannot combat when there are other health challenges.  Around 20,000 Americans die from flu-related causes each year.

Caregiverlist's health partner, EmpowHER, offers an Influenza Resource Center where caregivers can quickly and easily gain insight to what causes the flu, how to prevent it and where to find flu shots.

Caregivers can also find online caregiver training and take a sampleCertified Nursing Aide test to learn more about safe skills for caregiving.



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