Caregiver Application

Interested in assisting seniors as a companion caregivers or nursing aid or home health aid?

Many positions are available for caregivers to work for senior home care agencies, assisted living companies and nursing communities as part-time or full-time caregivers.  Senior care companies provide benefits, including payroll tax contribution (this means you can retire someday and collect social security benefits yourself), worker's compensation insurance and usually health care benefits for full-time employees.

You may fill out a job application as a caregiver to reach professional senior care companies in your area, as new positions become available each day, as seniors are discharged from the nursing home, assisted living communities and hospitals.

You may also learn about pay, policies, certified nursing aide programs and view caregiver training videos.



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  • My husband is 100 percent total and prermantly disabled.  We have been married for 41 years.  His condition has declined.  I am trying to get info on being compensated for being his caregiver.  I do not know where to go or how to apply.  Please help.

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