Caregiver Health Insurance Cost Increases: NPDA Report

The National Private Duty Association's annual conference is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this week.

Today's keynote speech, by Dr. John Bowling, the Director of the PRS School of Aging Services and Coordinator of the Management of Aging Services program at Southern Oregon Univesity, outlined the future needs of aging seniors.

What is the future of aging?  No surprise, the majority of seniors plan on a combination of professional and family care to age-in-place.  65% of seniors prefer this solution, while 0% plans on aging in a nursing home.

Dr. Bowling also mentioned that the healthcare system is broken.

Among the issues?

Small companies, which includes senior care agencies, hospices and Medicare agencies, are paying 18% more for employee benefits than large corporations.

This helps explain why only 26% of Caregivers said "yes, as a professionally employed caregiver, I receive health insurance benefits", in Caregiverlist's recent survey


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  • Leena

    3/12/2010 9:40:24 PM | Reply

    So true.  Our health care system is broken.  Recently, I have been reading Dr. Andrew Weil book "Why Our Health Matters" and he has done a good job explaining in simple terms the state of our health care and he fears if nothing is done it's going to get only worst.

  • Julie Northcutt

    3/14/2010 1:36:12 AM | Reply

    Thank you for the feedback - Dr. Andrew Weil is one of my favorite doctors and advocates for healthy aging.  He practices what he preaches which is also refreshing.  The word is that the healthcare legislation will pass in some fashion and then we will have additional amendments to help smooth out any rough edges.


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