Healthcare Legislation Update: Senior Caregivers Will Have Health Insurance

Many senior caregivers who work part-time or who work for smaller senior care companies do not have health care benefits.  However, the health care legislation which recently passed the House of Representatives and now is up for consideration by the Senate, would provide a program where all employees would receive health care.

Impact to Caregiving Employees of the Recently passed health care bill in the House of Representatives:

  • Employers will be required to cover all of their employees for health insurance
  • Employers will be required to pay 72% of the single premiums and 65% of the family premiums
  • Low-income employees will receive subsidies to purchase coverage
  • There will be no pre-existing condition clauses
  • The insurance rate difference between young and old employees will be less (rating bands will be shrunk)
  • Costs projected to be $1.2 trillion dollars (paid for via savings to Medicare and taxes on the wealthy)

The Senate debate continues, with most negotiations happening behind closed doors.  The Senate vote is expected after Thanksgiving or possibly in 2010.  The proposed health care changes would not take effect until 2013.

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  • This is an increasing debate going over policy. On the flip side of things, this would mean more overhead for employers which in turn will hire less caregivers. This is something to think about.

    Kathy Johnson
    Home Care Assistance

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