Caregiver Employment Checklist

Senior caregiver employment opportunities will continue to increase as the large Baby Boomer population enters their golden years and enjoys a longer lifespan because of the advances in medicine.  At the same time, senior care services are moving to the home.  The passage of the new health care law includes the Accountability of Care Organizations to help doctors and health care providers work together to deliver better care and this means they will not receive the same reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid if a senior patient is readmitted to the hospital too quickly after one stay.

Accountability - kind of cool that this is finally coming to help care.  Caregivers or those seeking to be caregivers or anyone interested in a fulfilling career may apply for a part-time or full-time position as a senior caregiver on Caregiverlist, the nation's only career center for professional caregivers and C.N.A.'s.

Caregivers with only personal experience may still apply for a senior caregiver job to begin gaining professional skills.  An online caregiver certification training course can be completed in 10-hours and meets the training requirements for many states and are the basic skills required of professional caregivers.

Review the Caregiver Employment Checklist and apply for a senior caregiver job in your area:

  1. Employment Eligibikity Verification for I-9 Form
  2. Professional References
  3. Personal References
  4. Copies of Professional Certifications
  5. Addresses Lived (current and former)
  6. Immunization Record
  7. Education Record
  8. Background Check
  9. Schedule of Availability
  10. Reason for Wanting to be a Caregiver

Review the caregiver job description and join this growing field to continue to enjoy caregiver career opportunities.  Remember, seniors with memory loss such as a Alzheimer's Disease sometimes need care services for as ten years or more. 

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