American Idol Contestant Chris Medina Is Caregiver

American watched this past week as American Idol contestant Chris Medina shared his own caregiving story.  His fiancee suffered a brain injury in a car accident, leaving her unable to talk and in a wheelchair.  He has stayed true to his promise and continues as her caregiver and supporter and forged ahead with the singing contest in order to raise awareness of her condition and needs.

Professional caregivers know the toll caregiving can take, even when you are getting paid.  The singer has recorded a song which was written for him and the proceeds will go towards the caregiving for his fiancee, Juliana.

You may buy the song, "What Are Words" on itunes, to support this extraordinary caregiver.  As caregiving jobs continue to become available because of the growing senior population, you may learn about caregiver training and apply for caregiving positions in your area on Caregiverlist.


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