Caregiver Training Courses

Caregiver training requires learning skills for assisting with what is called "Activities of Daily Living" in the senior care industry.  Certified Nursing Aides, or C.N.A.'s, learn these skills in a C.N.A. training program along with more advanced skills around safely providing bathing, feeding (including feeding tubes) and toileting (including catheters).  C.N.A.'s then work in the field with supervision by a C.N.A. who has already obtained certification and a Registered Nurse (R.N.).

Senior caregivers working as professionals caring for seniors in their homes or at assisted living communities or those considering becoming senior caregivers can take online training courses to learn the basic caregiving skills.

Most states have not yet passed legislation requiring caregiver training.  Washington state is an exception as the Service Employees Union jumped in to protect their union workers and successfully passed legislation requiring 75 hours of training (which was piggy-backed with a liquor license law which highlights the lobbying intersts in American politics).  Most senior care industry professionals agree this was not training that was passed to support seniors since the union was the advocate and the senior care companies must pay for the 75 hours of training which is a cost passed on to the seniors.

The reality is that 8 to 10 hours of training is "just right" to get someone started as a professional caregivers.  Then with supervision by a professional Care Manager, a caregiver can implement a senior's daily Care Plan and sharpen their skills while providing one-on-one senior care.

Caregiverlist's Certified Training provids a 10-hour online training course powered by aQuire Training and meeting the 8-hour training legislation passed in the state of Illinois (and supported by National Private Duty Association senior care company members).

Review the caregiver training modules and purchase the 10-hour caregiver training course to develop your professional caregiving skills.  Senior caregivers may apply for caregiving positions at senior care companies on Caregiverlist.  "Caring for the Caregiver", Caregiverlist provides the only professional senior caregiver Career Center created by senior care industry professionals.

Northwestern University's Dr. Lee Lindquist, located here in Chicago, recently published a quality of senior care study noting that quality care directly connects to quality training.  You can read about her study in Caregiverlist's news section on our home page.

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