Caregiver Training Materials for Senior Care

What training materials are used for senior caregivers?

Caring for seniors involves assisting with physical and emotional needs along with practical household scheduling and maintenance. State laws require caregivers to understand how to identify elder abuse and to maintain privacy according to the Health Information Privacy and Portability Act (HIPPA).

Understanding how to record Care Plan notes and follow guidelines for daily activities allows professional caregivers working in the home to deliver the same high quality care as seniors in care communities.

Basic Caregiver Training incorporates the senior care training materials as outlined by the national association of home care and as passed into legislation in certain states.

Caregiver Training Materials Include:

  • Sample Care Plan Notes
  • Suggested Books and Movies
  • Orientation to Caregiver Job Duties and Professional Guidelines
  • Safety for Environment and for Emergencies
  • Safe Transfers
  • Communication Skills
  • Privacy Requirements
  • Identify and Report Elder Abuse
  • Chronic Condition Introduction: Strokes, Memory Loss, Cancer
Learn about the Caregiver Training requirements in your state and take the online caregiver training course to be a certified caregiver.

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