Another Caregiver: Michelle Obama

In her speech last night at the Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama mentioned her father's illness, Multiple Sclerosis.  She talked about how her father, Frasier Robinson, battled the disease from when he was in his 30's, and inspired his family by never letting his physical challenges stop him - he just got up earlier to accommodate the extra time he needed because of them.

Michelle's father died in 1990, but she mentioned that she still felt him watching over her. 

In the daily struggles of caregiving, it is nice to be reminded that how we choose to handle our difficulties can be a form of inspiration to others - and to know that a potential first-lady with a law degree from Harvard has found her inspiration in how her father lived his life after being diagnosed with M.S.

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  • Renee

    8/27/2008 3:02:41 PM | Reply

    She was just awesome Monday night. Her speech was so heartfelt. She's proof that you can have a stellar career and still be a strong and loving caregiver.

  • Mary Kangethe

    9/27/2008 6:20:39 AM | Reply

    Michelle, you inspired the many of us who do the least noticed job and which comes from the heart. Caregiving is a God given call and nobody realizes it until  it hits home. I am one of the caregivers who tries to do the best I can to make a difference in many elderly people and the sick. I have worked in the nursing homes, hospitals, assisted livings and now in homes. It is the most rewarding job for it is from the heart. Thank you Michellel for being our model and reaching out to the the caregivers.


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