10 Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Everyone has their own story of how they discovered a loved one was experiencing memory loss.  One of my girlfriends tells the story of a family friend who picked her daughter up from school and said she thought the weather was cooling and it would be a perfect night to make chili for dinner.  So they went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients and went home to enjoy a dinner of chili.  The next night the Mom picked up her daughter from school and again said the weather was cooling and she thought it would be a good night to make chili for dinner.  She forgot they had chili the previous night.  When this happened a third time, the family began to compare notes and realized something was not right. 

The Alzheimer's Association offers many wonderful educational programs to help seniors and family members understand how to best deal with this disease - knowledge is power, especially when you have the luxury of early diagnosis. 

The 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease, courtesy of the Alzheimer's Association:

1) Memory loss

2) Difficulty performing familiar tasks

3) Problems with language

4) Disorientation to time and place

5) Poor or decreased judgment

6) Problems with abstract thinking

7) Misplacing things

8) Changes in mood or behavior

9) Changes in personality

10) Loss of initiative



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  • Hi You All,

    There are many diseases that Senior Citizens may have or be at risk for, which can cause memory loss and/or dementia. Of course, as we age, it is a natural process to lose some of our memory skills, anyway.

    I care for a 58-yr. old female suffering from PICKS Disease, which is a rare terminal neurological brain disease. This disease causes deterioration of the frontal and mid-section of the brain.

    I has been my privilege to care for my client three years in March 2009. I do not expect her to live beyond the year 2009, and I will miss her tremendously, and will highly value and prize my time spent serving her.

    Memory loss is just the beginning symptoms of this disease, which mimics Alzheimers, in the initial stages.

    I just wanted to remind my fellow-caregivers that there are various reasons for health issues having to do with memory loss and/or dementia, and these symptoms do not always signal Alzheimers.

    Thanks for allowing me to share...Kay

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