Senior Spoons May Soon Join Baby Spoons as Age-Related Gift

Seniors with age-related illnesses sometimes experience difficulty with eating, because of tremors which cause shaking in their hands and arms. Now, a new spoon offers a solution. Many times it is not the disease, but the medications taken to treat the disease, which result in a side-effect causing tremors in the body. This “shaking” results in the inability to control body movements.

Seniors and their caregivers must then cope with the additional side-effects, such as the inability to eat or walk without assistance.  Now, new technology has stepped in to assist seniors with this added challenge.

Lift Labs researchers have developed a spoon which counteracts the movements of a wavering grip, reducing the shaking by 70%.  A knife and fork will soon be added to this technology.

A new baby often receives a new baby spoon to celebrate their birth and now all of us may be receiving a senior spoon to assist us as we celebrate, or lament, entering into our senior years.

Aging comes with challenges, as we lose many of the freedoms we may have taken for granted when we were younger.  The ability to know you can eat a meal on your own is one such freedom. Perhaps as the senior population continues to grow, more technologies will transfer over to innovate solutions for healthy aging. Senior caregivers may learn more about these new spoons at Lift Labs.

Seniors needing additional care may also explore the costs of senior care and their care options in their area with a digital care plan.

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