San Diego Certified Nursing Aide (C.N.A.) Jobs

Certified Nursing Aides or Certified Nursing Assistants, can apply for a C.N.A. job in their area on  As new Assisted Living communities have opened their doors, and more seniors choose to age-in-place in San Diego, more C.N.A. job positions are available.

Senior caregivers interested in becoming a C.N.A. may find schools in the San Diego area providing Certified Nursing Aide training programs.

C.N.A. jobs include working in nursing homes, assisted living communities and for senior home care agencies or hospices.  Certified Nursing Aides provide the hands-on care and really are the main care provider for seniors with age-related illnesses or with hospice care services, which delivers high job fulfillment for C.N.A.'s.

Caesar Chavez Nursing School in San Deigo provides a 6-week C.N.A. training program that costs about $300.00. Admission requirements include passing a criminal background check, Tuberculosis Skin Test, fingerprint submission, background check and reading and English competency exam.  Check out a sample C.N.A. text to learn about the skills taught in a C.N.A. program.  Each state requires passing their Certified Nursing Aide exam to become officially "certified" as a nursing assistant.

Certified Nursing Aides and professional caregivers may view C.N.A. schools and a caregiver job description and apply for a C.N.A. job in their area.


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  • CNA Jobs

    1/30/2012 7:45:29 AM | Reply

    Most CNAs work in hospital jobs or nursing home jobs, where they give basic nursing care, helping patients with hygiene needs, seeing to their physical comfort, and helping them with their mobility.


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