Miami Caregiving Jobs: Miami Herald Profiles Need for More Caregivers as Baby Boomers Age

More seniors are choosing to stay at home as they age, a trend called "aging-in-place" which includes the need for professional senior caregiving services for usually at least 2 years of the senior's life.  However, another trend that is also arising is more years living as the "oldest old" which means more and more Americans will live past the age of 80.  What comes with living longer is a higher chance of developing memory loss and other age-related diseases which then means needing professional senior caregiving services.

Caregiving jobs are growing - and growing at a fast clip as the huge Baby Boomer generation will more than triple the number of seniors.

The Miami Herald profiles the need for more senior caregivers along with Caregiverlist's job service connecting part-time, full-time and live-in senior caregivers with professional job openings in their area.

Apply for a professional senior caregiving job and refer-a-friend to a caregiving job positions in this growing industry which delivers many rewards beyond a paycheck.


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