Miami Florida Caregiving Jobs and Florida Caregiver Background Checks

Caregivers are needed nationwide as the senior home care industry continues to grow (and has experienced a 40% increase in companies since 2008).  Florida caregivers are especially needed as many seniors in northern states will winter in Florida, adding an even higher need for professional senior caregivers during the winter months.  

The state of Florida has been a leader in setting up custom requirements for senior caregiver training and hiring.  This allows seniors and their families to know they will be receiving higher quality care even in their own homes.

Miami, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Sarasota, Florida and Tampa, Florida are all top Florida cities for senior caregiver employment.  Senior care companies in Florida hire both Certified Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Aides.

Florida law requires a "level 2" background check to be conducted on all professional senior caregivers.  These background checks can take up to 1 week or more to be processed, accessing all criminal records, even from county court houses which do not regularly submit to a national computer database (these require a real person to pull the records which is why the background check can take longer to process).

Background checks come in many different flavors.  It is important to be educated on what information is included in a background check and to understand state laws which govern how many years an employer may review the criminal records (the national law allows a 7-year look-back but state laws may over-ride this if the individual being hired will care for children or a senior).  There is also a science to reading a background check accurately.  Professional senior care companies are experienced in reviewing background check reports and also know the dynamics involved in properly checking references from former employers and personal references.  There have been news media stories about many of the babysitter websites promoting babysitters and nannies but yet having consistent incidents of individuals with prior records presenting themselves as potential trustworthy babysitters.  Simply having a name to social security number match check does not pull criminal records and likewise if you do not pay the county courthouse fee to access the criminal records in those counties charging a fee, you will not receive the information.  Run fast from anyone offering a "free" background check.  

Quality background checks involve going well beyond the results of a criminal record check.  Remember, many times charges are dropped for a first-time offender and this information will not be on the criminal record check.  It is much better to have a skilled employer engage personal and professional references in a conversation and to check work history in order to adequately evaluate a caregiver.

Babysitter websites have had repeated news stories of previous sex offenders and even sitters who were using an alias name being hired from their websites which supposedly had "safe sitters"..............realize that senior home care requires professional care management and professional senior home care agencies are licensed by their state to properly vet caregivers and actively manage them.  You do not want to lose a lifetime's worth of assets to someone who is not qualified and trained to be a professional senior caregiver.  

Caregiverlist also advocates "caring for the caregiver" and as senior care can be very stressful and take an emotional toll, a professional senior home care agency Care Manager supports the caregiver and provides additional trained caregivers to fill-in for the regular caregiver.  In addition, the caregiver receives benefits such as payroll taxes, worker's compensation insurance and unemployment insurance - all necessary payroll taxes required by law.  Caring for the caregiver insures high quality care and makes sure all seniors and their families are receiving a caregiver with proper training with necessary certificates and licenses.

Florida's caregivers have the added bonus of a "level 2" background check to protect the senior.  This is just another reason why you should only hire a professional senior care company caregiver to provide care services.  Caring individuals interested in becoming professional senior caregivers may review requirements and apply for a caregiving job with a professional senior care company in their area.


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