Fashion Has No Age with Liz & Ett™

Fashion magazines train reader's minds that young, beautiful, and flawless men and women represent the face of trends, brands, and designers.  As everyone knows, all people age, and, unfortunately, some of these people encounter health conditions that affect their mobility.  No one should have to sacrifice feeling good about the way they look due to age or condition. This is where Liz & Ett steps in.

Seniors can look fabulous, despite any situation, with apparel by Liz & Ett™.  Men and women can maintain their dignity with pieces from this fashion boutique.  Women have the SmockFrock™ available in three different styles: Faye, Gigi and Rose. The SmockFrock protects clothes when eating, cooking, painting, and essentially anytime when clothes are in danger of spills and stains! With waterproof chest and lap coverage and water-resistant lining and trim, clothing will definitely be safe. 


Men shouldn't be discouraged from getting their own version of the SmockFrock-- a men's vest.  As of now, the Liz & Ett male version comes in one style, Richard.  This men's vest has the same features as the SmockFrock to protect clothing: waterproof chest and lap coverage and water-resistant lining and trim.


Caregivers and seniors both need to carry many different things to get through the day, such as medication, their cell phone, a first aid kit, and any other supplies for emergencies or unexpected situations. Liz & Ett created a tote to carry all of these essentials. The tote comes in the same styles as the SmockFrock: Faye, Gigi and Rose. This can be a perfect way to carry a matching SmockFrock!


Caregivers, CNAs, and CHHAs, surprise your senior with an item from Liz & Ett™ today!  

Know someone with a caring personality and who loves working with other people? Refer-a-Friend to be a caregiver and enter to win a t-shirt of $50 gift card!

About Liz & Ett™

 While caring for her grandmothers, Liz Emery saw a great need for stylish apparel adapted to the needs of women with limited mobility.  She began designing and established Liz & Ett in her grandmothers’ memory.  Liz is passionate about maintaining dignity and style at all stages of life, especially in the face of health challenges. 

Liz holds a BA in Microbiology from Miami University; an MPH in Epidemiology from Indiana University; and attended St. George’s University School of Medicine for two years prior to caring for her grandmothers.  She launched her e-commerce site in April 2012 and currently resides in New York City, overseeing production of her line in the NYC Garment Center.  





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