Facebook Paper App Connects Caregivers with Friends and News: Caregiverlist Senior Care App Review

As a leading social network, Facebook connects us with out loved ones no matter how close or far away they may be. Last week, to celebrate their 10 year anniversary as a company, they launched the Facebook Paper app to combine the Facebook newsfeed with the world of online news. 

Caregivers can use Facebook to help their senior clients connect with their loved ones. Whether a caregiver helps a senior client run their own profile or simply adds a few of their senior clients' relatives on their own profile, they can use Facebook Paper to share updates and pictures just in time for Valentine's Day. Senior clients may be missing their friends and family around this holiday if they're not nearby, so using social media to write a little message and see a few pictures can help them feel the love.

The layout of Facebook paper offers clean and simple browsing. When new users log in for the first time, the app requests that they choose which categories they would like included in the app and the order of importance. The categories include Headlines, Pop Life, Tech, Cute, Flavor, etc. The various options give Facebook Paper the feel of a customizable magazine. Users first see their regular Facebook newsfeed stories from their friends when they log in. Then, if they swipe from right to left, they are taken to their highest rank category, such as Headlines, to read the latest in that area. The stories come from popular and reputable sources, such as TIME and CNN International. As users continue swiping from right to left, they browse through more categories of their choosing.

For the newsfeed section of the app, Facebook will display various recent pictures across the top half of the screen in a slideshow fashion. This gives your senior clients the opportunity to easily view photos shared by their loved ones without having to go directly to their profiles. Senior clients can also set up their own category preferences for the rest of the tabs in the app. One recommended category that's fun and light is the Cute category, which features adorable photos of small animals. Who doesn't love a cute baby elephant? 


The Facebook Paper app is available for free for Apple platforms.

Senior caregivers, let us know your feedback on this app and keep us posted if you discover additional apps that assist with caregiving duties and help relieve caregiver stress. You may also refer-a-friend to a senior caregiving job and win prizes weekly and monthly on Caregiverlist. 

-Paige Krzysko


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