Caregiver and Patient Needs Survey: Receive $50 for Your Support Communtiy

Sudden life-changing situations, like a serious illness, not only affect the individual, but the family, too.  People want to be independent and fend for themselves, but what can they do when the medical bills start to add up? Who can they turn to when they need someone to talk to? MediGift steps in as a support community outlet to sort tasks, research new treatments, discover and source needed services, and organize monetary needs. Caregivers may participate in a survey to help MediGift find the best ways to engage the support of the friends and community members who want to help a caregiver or a patient facing a serious illness or health crisis. The survey can be accessed here and will take just five minutes.

Survey results will be used to help MediGift develop tools and provide relevant services to it's current and future users. MediGift may also publish aggregate, anonymous results of the survey to promote better understanding of caregiver and patient needs for others serving this population.

MediGift will say "thanks" to the participants by rewarding $50 toward an active support community created by anyone who completes the survey and meets the basic qualifications describes in the Caregiver and Patient Needs Survey section on the FAQ page

About MediGift 

MediGift was created to harness the energy and resources of friends and the expertise of service providers to help caregivers and patients dealing with a serious illness or health crisis.

No one wants to ask for help, though when friends or loved ones are ill, we all want to provide it. In addition, caregivers often don't have the time or the expertise to make the right decisions. Resources- time and money- are always in short supply.  MediGift provides a single place where friends, family and colleagues can come together in order to effectively organize those resources-- as well as enabling monetary gifts to help fund them.

In addition to providing important support to caregivers, private online MediGift communities can offer higher levels of social support to patients. Social support has been shown in more than 25 studies to provide tangible health benefits.


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