C.N.A. Training Schools

Caregivers interested in advancing their careers and gaining more pay and more job opportunities may consider becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.).

C.N.A.'s learn senior caregiving skills, both hands-on care techniques for safety and managing the emotional aspects of caregiving.

Many C.N.A. schools offer scholoarships or grants or tuition-reimbursement programs to attract more students to the industry.  As nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living communities must maintain a certain percentage of C.N.A.'s on staff to maintain their licensing requirements, there are ongoing job opportunities available for certified nursing assistants.

Each state requires nursing aides to pass their certification exam after first completing a state-approved nursing aide course which includes field work.  Usually courses are between 6 and 8 weeks and both part-time and full-time courses are available through colleges and community programs.  Some nursing homes and hospitals offer C.N.A. training programs.

Learn about the job duties for certified nursing aides, take a sample nursing aide test or practice test and find the location and cost of nursing aide schools in your area on Caregiverlist and apply for a professional caregiving job (both part-time and full-time opportunities are available).

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  • In this economy, I am thinking about changing my careers and I have some experience taking care of my grandparents.  This information helps me understand better what CNA certification is all about. Thank you Caregiverlist Blog!

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