Artificial Hip Device Recalled and Trial Kicks Off in Los Angeles

Hip replacements take place very quickly now, with technology enabling doctors to efficiently perform hip replacement surgery, with many patients even have both hips successfully replaced now.  This is another reason why seniors in America are living longer - we have technology that assists us to do so.  However, one of the makers of a hip replacement device in the U.S.A. now is testifying in court after more than 10,000 lawsuits were filed against them for the device which turned out to be faulty in many instances.  Before the recall in 2010, about 93,000 patients received the Articular Surface Replacement or A.S.R, with about 40% of them proving to be faulty.

The maker of the hip joint replacement device, Johnson & Johnson, is testifying in court this week and some of the testimony seems to expose that an executive at the company was aware the device was faulty.  They continued to sell the product outside of the U.S.A. and did not disclose all internal concerns about the device until they were forced to do so.

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