7 Gifts to Celebrate Certified Nursing Aides

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to recognize and appreciate the Certified Nurse's Aide in your life.

Scrubs magazine acknowledges that C.N.A.s are sometimes overlooked in discussions about the nursing profession. But they want to make sure all nurses get the credit they deserve. They’ve put together some incredible gifts and gear to celebrate the unsung heroes of the caregiving world.

Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero…
You might feel a tad weird walking around with a CNA SuperNurse emblem on your scrubs top (or your cape). But having one on your coffee mug is a little more low-key. This design is available in a traditional ceramic cup with an easy grip handle or a travel mug to take on the go.


Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Glove
This little gift is very sweet! It’s got a short poem on the front about what it means to be a CNA. There’s also a list of all the colors of the M&M rainbow and what they stand for. Red is for kindness, blue is for your caring ways. The little candies are “tranquilizers” that you don’t need to write a prescription to share.

Keepin’ It Cool
Are you super chill like Santa at the North Pole? Now you can keep your soda just as cool with this Velcro can cozy. Plus, no one will be able to claim they didn’t know that was your Coke in the fridge.

Breakfast in Bed
It doesn’t matter how long you work in a hospital, seeing patients eating their meals in bed every day…you still secretly wish that your significant other would pamper you with a breakfast in bed once in a while. Give your loved one a strong hint by purchasing this serving tray. If you still don’t get the bedside service you want, tote it to the hospital cafeteria to give all the other nurses tray envy.

Are You Really a CNA?
Have you ever told a patient your coworker’s name and said to just give a yell if they need anything? That’s just one of 10 ways you know if you’re a CNA. This T-shirt is funny because it’s true! Plus, there’s plenty of room on the back for you to add more insights with a fabric marker, so go to town!

How Charming!
Rings, bracelets and necklaces can all be problematic for work wardrobes when you are a CNA. But these oval earrings are less than an inch long and made of aluminum, so they’re lightweight for everyday wear. The gloss finish with its custom design reminds patients of something they already know, “Nursing Assistants Make a Difference.”

Deck the Halls with CNAs
This porcelain holiday ornament lets you take your job home with you in a cheery way. It also makes a nice Secret Santa gift for an exchange at work or a stocking stuffer for a favorite CNA in your life. This ornament comes with a red ribbon so you don’t have to find a paperclip or a length of suture to hang it on the nearest tree.

Caregiverlist is proud to have partnered with Scrubs magazine, the nurse’s guide to good living, to offer a Scrub of the Month as a Grand Prize in our Refer-A-Friend program. If you know someone who has what it takes to be a great caregiver (you know the type — good work ethic, reliable, and above all, empathetic), fill out the form and we'll be happy to set them on a career path that offers the ability to make a huge difference in someone's life. And you might just win some great scrubs!



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