How Do I Become a C.N.A. in California?

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant?

A C.N.A., which stands for Certified Nursing Assistant, helps and reports to registered nurses and other healthcare professionals in various medical settings. A Certified Nursing Assistant’s main duties and responsibilities are to deliver basic care to the patients. Some essential job functions are to:

  • Help with daily activities like bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Take patient’s vital signs
  • Prepare and serve meals
  • Administer medication
  • Clean and sanitize patient’s rooms

What Do you Have to Do to Become a C.N.A.?

Step 1: Find C.N.A. Programs in your Area

Find Certified Nursing Aide programs or go to Caregiverlist’s C.N.A school directory to research the requirements for acceptance into a program. The average California C.N.A. school cost is $1,320 and only schools with approved programs by the California state health department may offer the nursing aide certification training.

Step 2: Complete State Approved Training Requirements

California requires that Certified Nursing Assistant complete a minimum of 160 training hours before taking the certification exam. This is made up of 100 hours of practical training and 60 hours of in-class coursework.

Step 3: Pass C.N.A. Certification Exam

Once the coursework and training hours are complete, passing the state-approved C.N.A. certification exam is your last step before becoming a certified nursing assistant. Consider taking a C.N.A. practice test to refresh your nursing aide knowledge and to review the types of questions presented on the exam.

Step 4: Find C.N.A. Jobs

Senior care companies, assisted living communities, nursing facilities, and hospitals are always looking to hire certified nursing assistants.  Fill out our job application to apply to all C.N.A. and caregiver jobs near you.

Step 5: Continuing Education

Furthering your skillset is an important factor to a successful healthcare career. Buy a certified digital caregiver training course that complies with the 10 hours of training mandated by California state law.

C.N.A. Salary and Career Outlook
The average C.N.A. salary in California is $14.96 per hour and is projected to growth 18% over the next 10 years. This is because as the baby-boomer population ages, more C.N.A.’s will be needed in long -term care facilities.

Begin your healthcare career by receiving a free C.N.A. class application or by purchasing Caregiverlist’s digital caregiver training.

Find Arkansas C.N.A. School Costs

The C.N.A. School Directory on Caregiverlist allows you to find Certified Nursing Assistant Schools in your area. C.N.A. programs in Arkansas were recently updated and the average cost is $702 per program, running an average of 6 weeks. The C.N.A certification exam, which signifies that you learned the necessary knowledge to be successful in the health field,  is required following the completion of the program. Find Certified Nursing Assistant Schools in your area now and fill out a FREE C.N.A. application. Take the first steps to starting your career in the healthcare industry with online professional caregiver training you can buy for just $59: Caregiverlist’s digital caregiver training.

Caregiver T-shirt and Lapel Pin available with the training for $79.

Get Started Now!

Arkansas C.N.A. School Program Cost Update

Arkansas Certified Nursing Aide schools that are listed in Caregiverlist’s C.N.A. school directory provides all the necessary information to know to begin your career in healthcare. C.N.A. program cost, program length, and the requirements for each program are also included in the school directory.

Arkansas C.N.A. Certification Requirements

To be in an approved C.N.A. program, Arkansas requires that C.N.A.s must attend a minimum of 90 hours of approved training before completing the certification exam. Arkansas certified nursing aide schools require an average of 132 training hours for their programs and run an average of 6 weeks before the students take the C.N.A. exam.

How much does it cost to become a CNA in Arkansas?

The cost of an Arkansas nursing aide program runs between $450 and $1000, with the average being $725 per C.N.A. program. With any program, it is important to research to see if you qualify for financial aid. There are many reimbursement programs that will also pay for you to become a certified nursing aide. Completing your nursing assistant certification is just the beginning to a great career with plenty of job prospects offered at hospitals, assisted living communities, senior home care agencies, and nursing homes.

  • Arkansas C.N.A. Program High Cost: $1000
  • Arkansas C.N.A. Program Low Cost: $450
  • Arkansas C.N.A. Program Average Cost: $725

Find Arkansas C.N.A. schools in your area or submit a request for free C.N.A. information. More and more C.N.A.s and professional caregivers are needed on a daily basis due to an aging population and because people are living longer lives. Buy our caregiver certification training today or submit a job application for available jobs in your area!

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